Robotic MIG – MAG welding systems

MIG – metal inert gas; MAG – metal active gas.
It’s an electric arc welding method, using a wire electrode which is supplied through a welding gun. The welding seam is obtained during the arc welding process of the wire and the edges of the welded metal pieces.
This is one of the most cost-efficient welding methods; it does not require high precision or ensure a clean post-welding surface, as the splashes of hot metal spatter the welded surface at the welding point.
This process is quite easy to automate, and is therefore among the most popular in the range of the welding robots.
The MAG MIG welding robots, or the MAG MIG robotized welding, comprise over 90 % of the total robotized welding market. However this method is inapplicable in situations which require high welding depth and speed. For such applications the MAG MIG / Laser hybrid welding system was developed; it enables simultaneous welding of metal pieces with the MAG MIG and the laser.
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